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Sunday 15 February. Talks at Holy Name, Assumption and St Mary’s (Horsforth) churches.


Read the Chairman's Annual Report 2014 (Here)



Sylvia's Day Centre project


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Welcome to the Sylvia Wright Trust

The Sylvia Wright Trust is a registered charity which supports the work of Sylvia Wright in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Sylvia sold her home and possessions in Leeds 33 years ago to work relentlessly and courageously among the sick and disabled in this very poor area of India.

Over the years, Sylvia has built and established a modern hospital, a school for deaf children, two centres for severely disabled children as well as running many vital community health projects. In 2009 she founded a Nursing College which reached its full complement of 80 nurses in July 2012.

The Trust, which is based in Leeds, comprises enthusiastic and committed volunteers who raise funds to support this work.

Sylvia's inspiring vision has changed the lives of thousands of sick and disabled people in the very poor southern state of Tamil Nadu. Your support for Sylvia's wonderful work is invited. Please let us know if you would like more information by clicking on the 'Contact' link at the top of this page or to make a donation please click on 'Donations'. Thank you.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks
Sylvia continues her tireless work and sends her grateful thanks for your support. As she often says, "Without you I can do nothing."
The Trust wishes to thank all supporters for their continuing and loyal commitment.

Happy 77th Birthday Sylvia!


Cards for Sylvia’s 77th birthday designed by pupils in Class 5 at St Urban’s Catholic Primary School, Leeds.

Congratulations to Class 5 at St Urban’s Catholic Primary School who produced brilliant cards for Sylvia’s birthday on 22 January. The cards have been sent to Sylvia but Mr Cavadino, Class 5 teacher, has let us read some of the messages :
"To Sylvia, 
I love the work you are doing in India because you are caring for the people and the children who are less fortunate than us. I would like to wish you a happy 77th birthday - just carry on helping the people in India. I adore that you have set up a college for people to learn to be good nurses. Thank you for raising all of this money for the poor, deaf and disabled 
From Joseph (age 9)"

"Happy birthday Sylvia, 
You should be so proud. By selling your things, you set up a hospital and helped loads of people in India. You're an inspirational person and I hope that you have a brilliant birthday. 
Thank you for helping others. 
From Sean (age 9)"

Dear Sylvia, 
Happy birthday. You are a very inspirational person and are doing great. I hope you can continue your amazing work and have a nice birthday. I also hope that you can help lots more people and also get a vet to help the animals that are poorly because I want to be a vet when I'm older! 
From Sophie (age10)" 

To see photos of the children actually working on their cards visit the St Urban’s website at http://www.sturbans.co.uk/year-5/
Special thanks to Mr Cavadino (Year 5 teacher) for organising this. What a great idea! Well done, St Urban’s.


New bookmark available

childrenThis photo shows Sylvia Wright with severely disabled children and the staff from her two Day Centres. The children’s smiling faces reflect the wonderful care they receive in these centres. This recent photo is printed on the back of a new bookmark which is available, free of charge, from Tony Allinson (tel: 0113 2675735) or Tony Hartigan (tel: 01943 851431)


Rangammal School Magazine October - December 2014
The latest edition of the Rangammal School Magazine tells us about life at the school over the past four months. The 18 pages are full of life, colour and celebration. Although the school itself has adequate but fairly basic facilities, it is very clear that the deaf students are happy and thrive. In no small measure this is due to a very dedicated staff supported by generous sponsors from the UK. Because of all this, the children continue to make great progress educationally and socially. Their results are outstanding..

Please click this link

A Day in the Life
A video about a typical day at Rangammal School. Click here

One Day - in the Day Care Centre 2012-2013
This is the first edition of a magazine from one of Sylvia's two Day Centres.
The Day Care Centre for 34 severely disabled children was started in 2004.
It was founded by Sylvia Wright and is part of the Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society.
It provides wonderful care specifically for mentally disabled children from small villages nearby.
The results are astonishing.

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Listen to Sylvia's inspiring interview on BBC Radio Leeds

Sylvia was interviewed in a live BBC Radio Leeds 'One on One' programme by Liz Green on 19 April 2012. During her interview Sylvia spoke of what led to her decision to go to India in 1982 and she reflected on her 30 years working in Tiruvannamalai. She also made personal choices of music which were played during the programme. A recording of this programme is available on CD. Please contact Tony Allinson or Tony Hartigan (see contact link at the top of this page) if you would like a free copy.

If your browsers has an MP3 player click here to listen to the interview
(it will take a few minute to open the page)


The Sylvia Wright Story on DVD (now with subtitles) and Online

A DVD telling the story of Sylvia Wright was produced in 2010. This can now be viewed online at: http://vimeo.com/31688074 The DVD has been produced free of cost to the Trust, thanks to two sponsors. We are also most grateful to the staff and students of Leeds Trinity University College who edited the film and provided the commentary. As well as graphic pictures of rural life in Thiruvannamalai, the DVD contains recent film of Sylvia's 220 bed hospital, her boarding school for 210 profoundly deaf children, two day centres for 80 severely disabled children and the new Florence Nightingale School of Nursing which was officially opened in 2010. See News page for more details. Copies of the free DVD can be obtained from SWT DVD, 14 King's Road, Leeds LS16 9JN. Tel: 0113 2675735 or email chairman@sylviawright.org


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