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The Sylvia Wright Trust - Christmas Cards 2017


Sylvia Wright cards continue to be very popular and more than 20,000 were sold in 2016. All proceeds from the sale of these cards go to support Sylvia's School for Profoundly Deaf Children, her Nursing College and Integrated Education & Therapy Centre for severely disabled children in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India.
The Christmas cards for 2017, illustrated above, are available in packs of 20 – 10 of each card. Both have been popular in recent years and were designed by deaf children in Sylvia’s School. Our prices have again been held at 2013 levels. It would be helpful if supporters ordered the same or similar numbers of each card but if you prefer one or the other just let us know and we will supply the card selected for as long as stocks last.  The greeting inside each card is:
“With all good wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year”
On the back of each card you will find a lovely photo of some children in Sylvia’s School eager to have their new digital hearing aids fitted by Sonova-India volunteers. The hearing aids were donated by Hear the World Foundation.

The Trust takes pride in sending 97 pence in every pound raised directly to Sylvia. The cards also broadcast her message far and wide.
The cards are now available and you are invited to use the order form.

Please click here for the order form.

Please let us have your order no later than the end of November.