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Latest Projects

Hearing aid Project 2014. Progress Report.

hearing aid

Our main project in 2014 has been to provide each pupil in Sylvia’s School for Deaf Children with a modern digital hearing aid. These are much more effective than the standard ones they currently use and will enable them to make even better progress in their education at Rangammal School.
Headingley Rotary kick-started this project in 2013 and 50 children were fitted with the new hearing aids. This number has now grown to almost 80 thanks to further donations by supporters. Improved hearing leads to improved education, speech and social skills. This, allied to good progress in English and IT (thanks to the generous support of Roundhay Rotary in providing the excellent IT room), is providing a real boost to the pupils’ educational and employment prospects.
Now, because of further determined efforts of SWAG member Dianne Ward, assisted by her talented daughter, Frances, and the generous response of the Hear the World Foundation (HWF) we are now well on the way to achieving this major objective.

The Hear the World Foundation

The Hear the World Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally. The Foundation has a special focus on projects that help children to reach their development milestones and realise their full potential in life, regardless of their hearing loss.
For more information, see the HWF website:
And under this link you can find the page about our Sylvia Wright Trust cooperation with the HWF Foundation:

Following a successful bid by Dianne Ward with the expert assistance of her daughter Frances, HWF have kindly donated enough hearing aids to fit a further 80 children and these are being fitted in India in September. This is a great leap forward.
Over the next year we plan to fit the remaining 40 children and will then need to replace losses and damaged aids as well as supplying aids to each new cohort of children as they join our school. This will therefore be an ongoing project. Dianne will be visiting the school in November to check on progress.


Great News from Roundhay Rotary!

Improving the IT provision in Rangammal School

The deaf children in Rangammal School get first class education and pastoral care which helps to level life's 'playing field' a little for them. During 2013 we have been trying to level it a bit more by improving their IT facilities. IT and computer studies, being more visual than aural, offer the deaf children life skills and boost their employment prospects. The Trust therefore set out to fund a new computer room based in the Nursing College. This would be used by the children in the day and the student nurses in the evening. Support for this project was invited at the beginning of the year.

Now in August 2103, after a lot of hard work and the support of a Rotary Foundation grant added to club fundraising, a donation of £10,000 is to be sent to Sylvia's Rangammal School for the Hearing Impaired in Thiruvannamalai.
This is a collaborative achievement between Roundhay Rotary Club in Leeds and the Rotary Club of Moon City Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.
The grant will be used to provide classroom IT equipment for hearing impaired children and to train teachers who specialise in teaching them.

This is a wonderful response to the Trust's appeal for help and we believe that this new provision will make a huge contribution to the education of the deaf children in Sylvia's school. Thank you Roundhay Rotarians for all your hard work and this magnificent donation. More information and photos will be available as the project gets underway.

See the Roundhay Rotary website: