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Sylvia’s Day Centres for
Severely Disabled Children

Day centre

The need
Disabilities are common among children in the area where Sylvia works
They include Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Downs Syndrome and many more.
Sylvia runs two day centres, each looking after 40 children and each having 5 staff. As Sylvia says: “The children come from very deprived backgrounds and have no other opportunity to develop and learn.”  No charge at all is made to the families of the children. There is a short but most informative video on YouTube:
enter - Sylvia Wright Ray of Hope -    or CLICK HERE

day centre
The Facilities
The two centres are borrowed, rent free, and are simple, old and limited.
One centre is a church hall and the other is an outbuilding at a college.
Play and learning materials are provided as well as some very basic physiotherapy equipment

The Day
The centres are open 5 days a week.
The children are transported from their villages, using whatever transport is available, with a number of the children needing wheelchairs. Supporters in Yorkshire have in 2014 provided the funds to buy a new bus for the children
to get them safely to and from their homes.


The day is carefully structured and gives the children whatever education they can manage and a great deal of care, play and social interaction.
Lunch and a simple uniform are provided.
A physiotherapist shuttles between the two centres.

The results are astonishing. The children’s disabilities are distressing and confining. At home, the children are often kept indoors and restrained while their parents go out to work, if they can find it.
At the centres, activities are carefully organised and each child’s progress, however small, is very carefully monitored and recorded.
The children make real progress in their learning and social interaction
The standard of care is remarkable and the staff are kind and dedicated.
Parents get some much needed respite and are offered guidance on caring for their child at home.
In return, they often help in the centres when they can and are astonished and delighted at how much progress the children can make.
The results are truly humbling!

All of the running costs are funded by the Sylvia Wright Trust, a registered charity based in the UK. See: www.sylviawright.org for more information

A wonderful, new opportunity

With help from Lee Morgan, a physiotherapist and supporter from the USA, the Trust is leading a project to create a new purpose built centre to replace the present inadequate facilities
This will have:

The new centre will be built next to Sylvia’s Rangammal School for 200 profoundly deaf children and it will therefore be able to share some of its facilities including kitchens, gardens and assembly hall.

The cost is estimated at £120,000 and as at November 2014, £40,000 of this has been pledged and most of this has already been given.

Building will take around 6 months and it is hoped to make a start in the Spring of 2015.

Sylvia Wright said in her 2014 Christmas Letter to supporters:

“This year has been very busy in our Hospital, Rangammal School for Deaf Children and the two Day Care Centres for mentally and physically challenged young people. The children were very excited and delighted when we brought them all together in the Nursing College Hall for a photograph. Their transport is much better now with the new bus which was funded by some very generous supporters in Yorkshire.


The children come from very deprived backgrounds and have no other opportunity to develop and learn. Their disabilities are distressing and confining. We hope it will be possible to provide them with a purpose-built Day Centre on the Rangammal School site one day. 
With your help I am constantly striving to improve the quality of the services we give to those in our care and to inspire others to do the same.”
For more information contact:Tony Allinson (Chairman of The Sylvia Wright Trust) 14 King’s Road, Bramhope, Leeds LS16 9JN or telephone 0113 2675735 or email at: tonyallinson@btinternet.com
Please contact Angela Clark if you would like to sponsor one of these children. Their education and care costs about £10 per month, truly amazing value for what is achieved. Sponsors give what they can afford. Tel: 0113 26677 660.

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