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The total operating costs of the Hospital are around £900,000 a year, while the school costs about £100,000. This is tremendous value - who knows how many millions these services would cost in the UK? One of our pounds buys a great deal in India. For example £1 per day feeds, clothes, houses and educates a deaf child, while the building cost of our 200 bedded hospital was less than the price of an average house in many areas of the U.K.

The Trust sends £200,000 a year to Sylvia and she raises the balance from modest patient charges in the Hospital. In addition, the Trust has also funded virtually all of the building and equipment costs of both the school and the hospital and is also now funding most equipment replacement costs as they fall due.
Almost all of our income comes from just 600 loyal supporters; more are always needed and welcome.

You can help in many ways such as:

  • Sponsoring a child in Sylvias school
  • Making a standing order payable to the Trust
  • Making a one-off gift.
  • Making the Sylvia Wright Trust your companys Charity of the Year
  • We do reclaim Gift Aid whenever we can.
  • We have had excellent support over the years from wedding, anniversary, funeral and retirement collections and from sponsored events and concerts. Many churches, schools and community groups have also helped.

We are very grateful for the generous legacies received over the years. Please consider including the Sylvia Wright Trust in your will.

Supporting material
We have a range of publicity material which is freely available on request to those interested in spreading the word or starting a Friends Group in their area.

If you can help, do click on the links below or contact us for more information.

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