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Integral Education
Therapy Centre


The need

Disabilities are very common among children in Tiruvannamalai, including Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Downs Syndrome, Autism and many other problems. There is little provision for these children who are often kept indoors and restrained while their parents go out to work - if they can find it.

For more information see YouTube clip Sylvia Wright Ray of Hope -    


A Ray of Hope

In 2017, a new 10,000 square foot facility was built to provide education and innovative therapy to over 100 children with special needs.

The project is directed by Sylvia Wright, in cooperation with the Rangammal Memorial Rehabilitation Society and has been championed by Miss Lee Morgan from the US and by the Sylvia Wright Trust.

Architects GNA from Bangalore supervised the build and gave their services free of cost. Builders and many other suppliers offered their services at discounted prices.  

The funding to date has come from The Sylvia Wright Trust from the UK, the US and the generosity of donors from around the world including a number of Indian supporters. This multidisciplinary Centre is the first wheelchair accessible facility in Tiruvannamalai, and also includes a hydrotherapy pool. It is hoped that in due course the centre will be promoted as an outpatients clinic and a centre of excellence for the whole district, becoming a model for the treatment of the differently abled. 


The Facilities

The Centre, sited in the grounds of the school for the hearing impaired, has been purpose built to provide space, light, colour and a stimulating environment. There are nine classrooms, with both Indian and Western toilets.

Classrooms and dining room surround a large, sheltered courtyard and there are long external walkways, all to encourage play and exploration.


Some of the classrooms are designated for particular education and therapeutic purposes including academic learning, sensory development, music, art, occupational and physical therapies. A warm water pool, funded by Rotary, is especially beneficial for children with spasticity and related difficulties.


Care, Education and Development

The Centre aims to integrate care, development, physical therapies and education. Care includes medical attention where required and appropriate nutrition. Development involves occupational therapies to help the children with the tasks of daily living. Physical therapies, including hydrotherapy and speech therapy, are given as required.

Education is integral to the programme and is taken to whatever extent each child can manage. All the children are encouraged to explore, to discover themselves and their environment and to realise their potential. They make huge progress in learning and social integration thanks to the kind and dedicated staff, whilst the parents are given support, advice and much-needed respite.

Two meals each day and nutritional supplements are provided. The children are bussed in five days a week.

The centre costs around £5,000 per month to run.

It is hoped that in due course the centre will be promoted as an outpatients clinic and a centre of excellence for the district, becoming a model for the treatment of the differently abled.



Children with spasticity are treated in the warm water pool to minimise pain whilst the pools is available for all the children for play and relaxation.


Please contact Angela Clark (tel: 0113 267 7660) if you would like to sponsor one of these children. Their education and care costs about £40 per month - truly amazing value for what is achieved. The costs for a child with hearing impairments at Sylvia’s boarding school are higher. Again, the children’s achievements far outweigh costs. Sponsors give what they can afford.