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The Hearing Aid Project

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One of two important goals for Hearing Aid project in 2014 was to provide the pupils at the Rangammal Memorial School for Hearing Impaired children with new digital hearing aids. The second was to ensure that the children were given continuous audiological care and that the teachers received regular training in how to ensure that the hearing aids were fitted and working properly.

Rangammal School hearing assessment
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to see the YouTube video showing the difference in performance between analogue and digital hearing aids.

Audiology Training in the school

Click Here to download a step by step guide illustrating how audiology works in the school.

Two audiologists from Hear the World Foundation volunteer programme visited the school in February 2016 for one week. Their objective was to improve the skills of the four teachers who were chosen to develop the audiology care at the school. They all worked very hard and covered the following topics:


Speech Training in class

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Individual Speech Training

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Hear India: Helping Children Hear the World

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Our ears are like antennae picking up signals from different directions. The complex structures of the ear process these signals and pass them on to the brain, where they are interpreted. Therefore, for optimum hearing, it is best if both ears are fully functioning. But exactly what happens when sound waves enter the human ear?
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Hear the World Foundation website:
The Hear the World Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally. Click here to link to the website

Hear the World Foundation and partner the Sylvia Wright Trust
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Summary so far

Hearing Aid Project Update – March 2016

Thanks to the continuing generosity of supporters and active fund raising by some UK schools, the number of children with digital hearing aids at Rangammal School has now increased to 187.

The latest students to be fitted started school in June 2015. They had been very patient and understanding as they witnessed the differences the new hearing aids made to the younger children.
Students are always very excited by their "good fortune" and jump for joy when they are told the news.
See the photo below of some of the boys: (from left to right)
Yuravaj, Lingeshwaran, Seenu, Pandiyan and Harshath


The youngest children are making real progress with their speech and communication skills.
Elumalai, age 4, has made great progress since he was fitted with digital hearing aids in October 2014. See the January 2015 news for details. At that time, he was unable to vocalise. It is great news from his teachers at Rangammal School that he can now proudly say 10 recognisable words. We wonder what they are!

On 21 February 2015, two volunteer audiologists from Phonak visited the school to continue the staff training programme, so ably started by Alice Alkins our volunteer UK audiologist.
Talita Donini from Brazil and Lindsay Roberts from USA spent a week at the school, supported by the Hear the World Foundation. We are very appreciative of the long journeys they undertook and their generosity in giving their time and skills to Sylvia’s deaf children.

Contact: For further information please contact :Mrs Dianne Ward, Project Co-ordinator, tel 0113 2758260 or email:   swthearing@outlook.com

Thank you for your interest and support.